What We Do

The SC Bobwhite Initiative provides many services and cost share opportunities for landowners interested in having more bobwhites on their property. Thirty one partners make up the SC Quail Council, the driving force behind the SCBI, and each has something to offer you. Let us tell you how we can make more bobwhites a reality on your land. Call us at 803-734-3940 or email at scbobwhites@dnr.sc.gov.

Provide Technical Assistance

SCBI partners provide technical help with many components of a successful bobwhite landscape:

Forest management assistance is available from

  • SC Forestry Commission
  • Milliken Forestry Company
  • Longleaf Alliance

Prescribed fire training is available from

  • SC Forestry Commission
  • Clemson Extension Service

Habitat management planning is available from

  • Clemson Extension Service
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service Partners Program
  • National Wild Turkey Federation
  • Audubon Society
  • SC Dept of Natural Resources

Conservation technical assistance

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service

Provide Financial Assistance

Money is usually a factor in any habitat project, often determining the scale and effectiveness of the work. Our partners have resources to assist you in a variety of ways to make your project more affordable.

Forestry-related financial assistance is available through

  • SC Forestry Commission (Forest Renewal Program)
  • Longleaf Alliance (Longleaf Conservation Cooperatives)
  • NRCS (Healthy Forest Renewal Program)

Conservation practices financial assistance is available through

  • US Fish and Wildlife Service (Partners Program)
  • NRCS (Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Conservation Innovation Grants, Conservation Security Program, Agricultural Conservation Easement Program, Regional Conservation Partnership Program)
  • USDA Farm Service Agency (CP4 – permanent wildlife habitat, CP33 – buffers and center pivot corners, CP36 – Longleaf Initiative, CP38 – Safe Acres for Wildlife Enhancement, various tree thinning and burning incentives)

Other Services Offered

SCBI partners also offer tools and materials to assist landowners in work on their property.

The SC Forestry Commission has equipment for rent, will plow firebreaks and provide standby for prescribed burning for a nominal fee, and will also mark timber for thinning.

The National Wild Turkey Federation has many varieties of native warm season grass seed, a proven component of wild bobwhite habitat. They also have different trees and shrubs and agricultural seed that is beneficial to quail and other wildlife.

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