Focal Regions

Focal Regions are the areas with the most potential for growing the greatest number of bobwhites. Biologists crunched a lot of data about how land is used in different parts of South Carolina and the types of cover and vegetation that dominate the landscapes across the state and determined that these areas were the sweet spots for growing quail. Obviously they’re not the only areas in the state with bobwhites, but they do present the best opportunities to increase populations quickly and with the most bang for the buck.

Currently there are around 23,000 coveys of quail in these four Focal Regions. By carrying out a coordinated plan, this number could increase to 74,000 coveys, more than triple what we have today. The South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative is wasting no time.

Within these Focal Regions, the Quail Council has identified four Focus Areas, large landscapes, where work and resources will be focused. In these Focus Areas you'll hear terms like prescribed burning, timber thinning, field borders, and brood fields – all methods proven to grow substantial numbers of bobwhites.

Interested in being a part of this once in a generation project? Find out how you can help.

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